The Lansing Pharaohs are three weeks into their inaugural season and are fresh off of a 2-game win streak that has improved their record to 2-2. As the pharaohs continue to mesh as a team and continue to get better each day it is already evident the team is filled with terrific talent. This was proven when The Basketball League released the current statistical leaderboards for the league and Pharaoh’s players were found all across the board. However, no Pharaoh’s player has made as big of an impact this season as Lansing native and Everett High School product, Ja’Myrin Jackson. 


Jackson currently is the league leader in The Basketball League for PPG averaging 30.7 as well as the league leader for SPG averaging 3.3. Jackson, who is playing his second season in the TBL after previously spending two years at Lansing Community College, accredits his stellar start to the season to his teammates as well as his previous experience in The Basketball League (something only one other Pharaoh’s player has). When interviewed at practice Jackson stated, “My first year in the TBL it took me a while to get used to the tempo… The game moves a lot slower for me now,” when asked how he has been able to be so productive this year. Jackson also added, “having multiple threats on the team has allowed for opponents focus to be taken off me”. As far as leading the league in steals goes Jackson stated, “I take pride in my defense and will always want to be a great two-way player”. 


Other Pharaoh players who found themselves atop the statistical leaderboards included Maurice Jones, who leads the league in 3 point percentage (66.7%), is 7th in the league in APG (6.7), and is 2nd in the league for free-throw percentage (90.5%). Sam Muldrow is 3rd in the league for BPG (2.3) and 9th in the league for defensive RPG (8.3). Muhammed El-Amin is also 5th in the league for 3 point percentage (57.9%).